• What is PlayCash Network?
    PlayCash is an affiliate network with gambling and betting offers. We are in business since 2020. We create conditions and provide tools for working with traffic.
  • What sources do you accept traffic from?
    Primarly we are focusing on sources like SEO, ASO, Facebook, TikTok, UAC, In-App and PPC. If you work with another source, we will still choose an offer for you, probably according to the RevShare model.
  • What commission type do you use?
    CPA, CPL, Revenue Share and Hybrid – cooperation models are available for the affiliates. RevShare and Hybrid can be added upon request.
  • How often and to which payment systems you are making payments?
    We provide payments every Thursday for all confirmed conversions during the previous week. Early payments available upon request. Minimum payout amount: 100 USD.
      Payments are made to:
    • — Webmoney
    • — Wire transfer
    • — Capitalist
    • — Bitcoin
    • — USDT
    • — others on partner's request
    Minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD
  • Do you have apps?
    Yes, we have web-view and pwa applications that we are ready to provide to our partners for free!
  • Do you have a bot for app sharing? What else can it do?
    With our bot @playcash_support_bot you can:
    • — choose the latest web-view applications from top market providers
    • — get naming for FB/TikTok/UAC and share app
    • — get app ban notifications
    • — get notifications about your conversions
    • — request and get a link to a customized PWA app
    • — contact support if needed
    • — quickly receive a general messages about changes in the work of the affiliate program and offers
  • I didn't find the offer I needed on PlayCash Network
    No worries, contact your affiliate manager for details. We will do our best to provide you with the offer you are interested in.
  • Individual bonus system for PlayCash partners:
      We encourage partners who provide stable traffic volumes and offer to form an individual bonus system. The number of conversions per day/week for which the bonus is valid, as well as its size, are pre-agreed. The bonus is an increase in payouts by a specified percentage, provided that the required amount of traffic was reached in a day/week. For example, if with individual bonus system “10% for 30+ first dep” with a default rate on an offer/geo of $200, webmaster is making 35 deposits per day, then by noon of the next day the payout for these deposits will change to $220, which will mean additional 700$ profit for PlayCash partner. In this case, the bonus system can have several levels. For example, “10% for 30+ first dep” and “15% for 50+ first dep”. More traffic means more profit for both parties.