• What is PlayCash Network?
    PlayCash Network is an affiliate network with gambling, betting and binary options offers. We work directly with verified advertisers and guarantee the best profitability for our partners.
  • What geos do you work with?
    In our affiliate network, you can find offers for a huge number of countries which are difficult to list here. To view available offers for certain countries, go to the Offers section.
  • What sources do you accept traffic from?
    Since PlayCash Network is an aggregator of the best offers in the gambling niche, we have offers that accept almost any legal traffic: FB, context, display formats, native, popunder, push notifications, mailings, posts in public pages, channels etc.
  • What payment models do you use?
    We provide offers with such payment models as CPA, CPL and Revenue Share.
  • How often and to which payment systems are payments made?
    Payments are made every Thursday for all confirmed conversions during the previous week.
      Payments are made to:
    • — Webmoney
    • — Wire transfer
    • — Capitalist
    • — QIWI
    • — Bitcoin
    • — USDT
    • — Neteller
    • — Skrill
    Minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD
  • I’m an affiliate, I need early payments for turnover.
    If you can achieve noticeable turnover, contact your affiliate manager to agree on early payments.
  • Do you have landing pages?
    Yes, we have landing pages for both iOS and Android! Check with your affiliate manager for details.
  • Can I receive notifications about conversions in my Telegram?
    Yes, you need to:
    • — launch a Telegram bot @tg_postback_bot
    • — the bot will give you a key in the format
    • — sign in to your profile
    • — go to the Global Postbacks tab
    • — click Add Postback and paste the link given by the bot. Status – Any
    • — if you need to transfer subs and other data on conversions, add the following to the link: &profit={sum}&offer={offer_name}&cy={currency}&network=PlayCash&sub1={sub1}&sub2={sub2}&sub3={sub3}&sub4={sub4}sub5={sub5}&sub6={sub6}&sub7={sub7}&sub8={sub8}
    • — click the AddPostback button – all set
  • I didn't find the offer I needed on PlayCash Network
    No worries, contact your affiliate manager for details. We will do our best to provide you with the offer you are interested in.
  • What does PlayCash have that no one else has?
      For serious partners and affiliate teams, we are ready to provide additional services, such as:
    • — Individual applications.
    • — Individual landing pages and promo materials.
    • — Primary turnover financing.
    • — Early payments to convenient payment systems.
    • — Other